Carbon Neutral NFTs on VOICE

Season 2 Voice NFT Resident Artist. I weave painting, collage, and digital arts together to form abstract & surreal natural and urban landscapes. My NFT Residency collection titled "Our Cargo / Nuestra Carga," which in Spanish can be translated to "our burden," is driven by the idea that we must transform our relationship with the natural world.




Pozo de Petróleo |  Oil Well

Carbon Neutral NFT on VOICE

22 seconds



This piece is a collage of images from various places in Central and South America. Many years ago, I got to travel to La Gran Sabana, a region in southeastern Venezuela. This piece combines footage of lush, beautiful landscapes where my family is from and where over-extraction continues to destroy natural ecosystems. My grandfather, who moved to Venezuela from Costa Rica, would always point out the oil wells and say, "look at the burritos." I was amazed at the amount of oil drilling and the overwhelming smell of gasoline when I first visited Venezuela. However, what most stays with me is her magnificent biodiversity.

Bay Bridge #1

Carbon Neutral NFT on VOICE

6 seconds



Animation I created from a photo I captured while stuck in traffic on my way across the Bay Bridge. While listening to Bomba Estéreo's song "Tierra."

"La tierra, no se vende ni se compra
Mi tierra es para compartir"