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I'm an interdisciplinary artist drawing inspiration from abstraction, surrealism, and my cultural heritage. My creative exploration orbits around the movement of natural resources and human migration, delving into themes of deep personal significance and global impact. To manifest these concepts, I fuse traditional and digital mediums like painting, photography, and film. Technology plays a pivotal role in my artistic narrative, acting as a catalyst in dismantling communication barriers across artificial borders. AI integration in my process offers freedom from previous constraints and allows me to reinterpret the intricate and evolving relationship between humanity and the natural world.


My work serves as visual metaphors, revealing the struggle or harmony between humanity and nature within capitalist systems. I navigate the complexities of commodification and objectification, creating hybridity where the human figure intertwines with the organic world, blurring flesh and land's lines. Surrealism becomes a potent tool, reflecting society's tethering of individuals to economic structures, highlighting the intimate connection and vulnerability in both realms. Through these surreal compositions, I provoke contemplation about our current realities, sparking discussions on autonomy, inherent worth, and the intrinsic value of individuals and their environment. My art invites introspection into the repercussions of reducing ourselves to mere objects of trade and desire, urging recognition of the interconnectedness and profound significance of all life forms.

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