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I am an Oakland, California-based interdisciplinary artist, educator, and producer of equitable cultural initiatives. As a first-generation daughter of parents who migrated to the United States from Central and South America in the 1980s, my work reflects the various lands that shape my cultures and migratory experiences. I have extensive experience as a museum educator and producer, facilitating art programs and projects in collaboration with other artists, educators, and community organizations. I am a resident artist with Voice, a carbon-neutral digital art platform, and I am launching an Artist Residency with Bay Area BIPOC artists centered on reclaiming space(s) through artistic activations.

My creative process weaves painting, collage, and digital arts together to form abstract and surreal natural and urban landscapes. I use white spaces throughout my paintings as a metaphor for systemic constraints + containment and as portals connecting to digital materials. I am interested in our capacity to unplug from the technological spaces that shape our current environments and influence our behavior towards one another and the natural world. I am also interrogating our material consumption's impact on nature, our senses, and its influence on our intuition. My family and I are from major global port environments. I grew up observing large cargo ships and trains transporting resources in what always seemed to be a grandiose and yet mesmerizing operation. My work examines these movements in relation to the migration of people; I understand the exploitation of people and land as intrinsically connected. Considering how I grew up knowing and yearning for my family and homelands located thousands of miles and countries away, communication across artificial borders through technology is an essential part of my life and creativity. As I have access to the resources available to me on this side of the United States border, I aim to reach and bridge communities beyond the intangible through my creative endeavors.

My experience has shaped my desire to cultivate creative spaces/portals. I understand that artists influence social, economic, and political change. This truth guides my purpose and place as an artist.

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