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As an interdisciplinary artist with a fine arts education, I draw inspiration from abstraction, surrealism, and the hybridity of my cultural influences. My creative exploration orbits around the movement of natural resources and human migration, delving into themes of deep personal significance and global impact. I enjoy fusing traditional and digital mediums, such as painting, photography, and film; technology plays a crucial role in my artistic narrative. Integrating AI into my process liberates me from prior constraints, holding information about the people and places that shape my stories.


My work often captures the struggle and harmony between humanity and nature within capitalist systems, considering the complexities of commodification and objectification. I reflect on how society tethers individuals to economic structures by highlighting intimate connections and vulnerabilities between people and our environments. Through surreal compositions, I process our current realities, autonomy, and future possibilities.


  • 2024

    • The Frame, Art Basel Switzerland

    • WarpedCast, OSHI Gallery

    • Art on Tezos: In Motion, NFC Lisbon

    • Noncompliance, The Hague

    • NFT Bucharest, Romania

    • Digital Art Death Match, Beeple Studios

    • Genesis Reimagined: Crafting a New World with AI, Colonna Contemporary

    • Dawn of the Spatial Era & Art Universe for Apple Vision Pro

    • Palm Collective Digital Art: Egalitarian Utopia, LUME Studios NYC

    • NFT NYC, Times Square & Artists Village Gallery

    • that pART, Commune, Oakland CA

    • ART&VAULT International Women's Day on Times Square Billboard #HerStoryRemix2024

    • World of Women’s Annual Gala, Paris

    • NFT Paris, Grand Palais Éphémère​

  • 2023 Palm Foundation Grantee Winner (x2)

  • 2023 Makersplace Artist LaunchPad

  • 2022 Makersplace Artist Accelerator

  • 2022  VOICE Residency

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